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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Desktop Management-- Never Format the PC

Never format the PC ! Make sure you are more than 100% sure about data.

I faced the porblems when I format the PC, mt client said. Go Ahead and I did but next day he was awake and asking for some lost file.

It was worst time for me, even it was not my mistake but I had to recover the data and it took too much time to recover it.

Now a days I don't prefer to format the PC until and unless there is a serious problem. I prefer to do the new installation on the same parition with a different Windows directory which really safe end of the day.

Most of the time what happens these people don't keep the software CD, they don't keep the additional hardware CDs and expect that the I.T guy should be having all the stuff, this quite annotying to me.

Anyway, this how we learn to face the situtations.

So do your home work first and never format the PC.