7 Layers?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I.T guy should be fully loaded ?

Most of the time I.T guys get stucked between the operations while doing PC maintenance, troubleshooting the problem or migrating the data. So an I.T guy should be loaded with a normal configuration notebook, USB storage , extra network cables etc or sometime more stuff according to need.

Most of the Bossses don't want their IT guy to be fully loaded. It takes time for PC support engineer to fix the problem due to lack of resources. He may spent his whole day to fix a small problem. This is very commone for them to waste the time due to lack of resources.

In his way the Boss is not making money but loosing the money and lossing the confidence of the client too. So a Boss should not act like a typical Boss.

That's it for now.

Comments are welcomed from the Bosses.