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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Don't wanna pay for software!

This is really a big dilemma for IT Pro in their daily life that their client's never wants to buy licensed software, specially the small business people. They are ready to pay for hardware but after very tough negotiation, for software they always want it free.

I ask them most of the time that You the money for buying a good car, for good cloths, for entertainment so why not for software. They don't have the answer but they don't to pay. They think they will buy one license, which will be enough.

Most of the time my time passes with this discussion in the meeting, trying to convince them. I'm alsways hopeful to make them buy only licensed software. They ask me why are doing all these? What is your interest? Why you promote Microsoft? and I keep on smiling :)

My answer is always .... why not? I'm having a good career becasue of Microsoft. Although I work on different network technologies like Cisco, 3Com, HP, Dell, Linksys, IBM etc etc but Microsoft's product is everywhere. You can't ignore using it. You have to have any Microsft prodduct in your daily life, it could be any Win 9x, or any game console or any Office application.

I'll continue this topic next time I'll be online.

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