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Sunday, July 30, 2006

End of support for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1

End of support for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1. Yes it is true.

And I'm happy for this decision from Microsoft, atleast IT PRo won't waste too much time to install tha troubleshoot these legacy system. It is very difficult that your client is using Win98 or WIN Me while you are using WinXP SP2 at your working environment. An IT Pro has to do extra efforts in order to support his/her client.

Only those companies who are from 2-5 users or desktops and don't use computer as a basic need for their business. So they follow the simple rule to get rid off the problem in Win98, Format and Re-install.

Most of the medium size businesses using WinXP Pro and they do update their PC atleat in 5 years so for them there is no problem.

so how do you feel about this decision from Mirosoft or I better call from Bill Gates. for more info clieck here.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IE 7.0 Beta problems !

I had been trying to renew my Action Pack susbcription for Micrsoft product last day using I.E. 7.0 but I could not. There was a message that this browser can't support. There were two option either to conhtinue or not.

I continued but there was problem and I had to use another PC to did that. Anyway it was a new experience.

If you may find this kinds stuff share with us.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I.T guy should be fully loaded ?

Most of the time I.T guys get stucked between the operations while doing PC maintenance, troubleshooting the problem or migrating the data. So an I.T guy should be loaded with a normal configuration notebook, USB storage , extra network cables etc or sometime more stuff according to need.

Most of the Bossses don't want their IT guy to be fully loaded. It takes time for PC support engineer to fix the problem due to lack of resources. He may spent his whole day to fix a small problem. This is very commone for them to waste the time due to lack of resources.

In his way the Boss is not making money but loosing the money and lossing the confidence of the client too. So a Boss should not act like a typical Boss.

That's it for now.

Comments are welcomed from the Bosses.

I got my answer.

Todat afternoon I went to one of my client while I was troubleshooting her laptop I ahd discussion on Software Piracy and I that beautiful lady that 'Why do people use the pirated softwares ? while on the other side you pay money to buy good cars, cloths ect.

She replied beautifull 'because pirated softwares are available and there is no way she can't get a car in this way' so they spend the money buying good cars and they would spend the money to buy the licensed softwares if pirated one is not available.

So Piracy should be stopped.

comments are welcomed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Experiencing the Betas ..!

Wow Wow Wow....it's coool work done from Microsoft. I'm using Office 2007 Beta and Vista Beta 2. Office 2007 is more than imagination. I'm talking about it graphics appearence not the feature because I just loaded it into my system and I'm dying.

If you really want to epericen then you must get a free download and experience it yourself. http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/default.mspx

As far as Vista is concerned I did the installation of Vitsa Beta 1 and I faced many problem and I had to re-load the Win XP but now I"ve Vista Beta 2 and Longhorn Beta so this time I hope Beta 2 will be much better than Beta1 and I won't face those problems. I hope :)

Checkout vista website here


must visit www.techiesonly.com The UAE IT User Group

Don't wanna pay for software!

This is really a big dilemma for IT Pro in their daily life that their client's never wants to buy licensed software, specially the small business people. They are ready to pay for hardware but after very tough negotiation, for software they always want it free.

I ask them most of the time that You the money for buying a good car, for good cloths, for entertainment so why not for software. They don't have the answer but they don't to pay. They think they will buy one license, which will be enough.

Most of the time my time passes with this discussion in the meeting, trying to convince them. I'm alsways hopeful to make them buy only licensed software. They ask me why are doing all these? What is your interest? Why you promote Microsoft? and I keep on smiling :)

My answer is always .... why not? I'm having a good career becasue of Microsoft. Although I work on different network technologies like Cisco, 3Com, HP, Dell, Linksys, IBM etc etc but Microsoft's product is everywhere. You can't ignore using it. You have to have any Microsft prodduct in your daily life, it could be any Win 9x, or any game console or any Office application.

I'll continue this topic next time I'll be online.

bye for now. comments are welcomed