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Thursday, December 08, 2005

3rd party backup application under Windows

Using Tandberg Backup Under Various Windows OS.

For the last couple of months I've been very much involved in implemeting the backup solution on various Microsoft OS. I faced problem on almost every version of windows except Windows 2003 server. I'be installed the backup device i.e. Tandberg DLTVS 80 and 160 both internal and external on win98, win XP Pro, Winddows 2000 and Win2003 Server. I've faced difficulty while doing the device installation but on windows 2003 server it was very very simple and it don't take more than 5 minutes.

Moreover there is good feature of Volume Shadow Copy which helped to take the real-time bckup. I found the same way of installing the hardware under WinXP Pro.

Tapeware used as the backup application software which has many features, one of them is to have multiple schedules on multiple tapes. It's very very fast but the backup speed goes down while taking the network mapped drives backup.

On Windows2003 server I also tried windows backup utility and it worked fine too. This small application is also good if you want to save the money and just want to have regular backup with one schedule at one time only.

i've used Tapeware 7.x Edition for backup under all Microsoft OS. It is necessary that all the OS should service packs installed on it. Tapeware is a good application but it's a bit confusing at first time but later on you'll enjoy the feature specially with Volume Shadow Copy enabled.

For more info about Tandberg click for TandBerg & Click for Tapeware


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