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Friday, April 29, 2005

Women In Engineering?

Do you agree with me?

Have you seen or come across working with the women in the profession of engineering. Since 1997 I've seen very few women in engineering and I can count them on my fingeertips, hardly 8-10 females in I.T. Profession upto now. Astonishing ...isn't it?

I have laways this question in my mind Why.What is the reason?

If we look around we find most of the women in the medical profession than in the marketing or customer relationship. We hardly find a women as a mechanical engineer or electrical engineer but we find many female doctors, dentisits etc.

I don't understand why?

Whether they don't like other professions?

Whether those professions are harder or the working environment of other professions do not suits them?

or any other reason..............?

Many of us having the same question but still do not have the answer.

I think a women must have the answer for all of these questions. Do you?


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