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Friday, April 29, 2005

Microsoft in 2010.....? Any Idea...

It's just an idea but believe that ideas turn into the reality.

I've started using the computer in 1997 and seen many changes till today but still I'm very new to this Tech market. There are many people who are in the I.T. industry since 1980 or before. As the time is passing on the technology is changing very fast.

By that time it used to take time to get the idea in the market but now today we experience that sometimes we have the idea in our mind and after few months that idea becomes pacticle. I must say that Microsoft is playing its role , a very big role in I.T. Industry. Thousands of people are employed by Microsoft and As Much As It Is Expending Microsoft Is Improving.

This is really mind boggling.

what I've read in these books 'The Road Ahead' and 'Business @ the speed of thought' I can see, I can feel and I'm used of it today what I read in those books. Mr. Gates have aleady thought it is almost 10 years back fowm now we are taking the technology as part of our life.

Now we have PCs with Win XP or Win 98 in each and every office and home. wherever there is a PC there is on XP or Win98.

So what Mr. Gates is thinking now?

What would be the future? How do they see the world the in 2010? what do we assume about 2010?

Why not 2015? Because what we have achieved in 10 years now we can achieve more than this in just 5 yrs. As I told technology is shifting very very fast. As we are working on Microsoft's product we are a part of Microsoft. There is a very strong
interaction between Microsoft and a normal PC user but the interaction is is hidden and is not direct.

It's a very long debate.

What my point is that

------------- --------------Microsoft 1981-2005------------------- is today

what about

------------- --------------Microsoft 1981-2010------------------------- ?

We can get the most from guys who are in the Microsoft and very close to Master Minds.



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