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Friday, April 15, 2005

Do I really Need Anti -- Spyware & Virus?

These days I'm involved in a project where many users access the Internet through their Internet provider over Ethernet. As being on the Ethernet with CAT5E installed , you are having 100Mbps connectivity while the Internet backbone could be from 64kbps-512Kbps or T1 etc. depending on the number of subscriber.

I'm not going into the details about the infrastructure but my point is that there are almost 1-2 calls on customer support regarding the slow Internet connectivity. While on the same time the other users are surfing the Internet without any problem. The diagnosis phase took enough time becuase we had to check the connectivity from Server room to the clinet site but at the end the user's system found to be infected with hundreds of viruses and spyware.

So we suggested our client to have a clean installation of WinXP with SP2 and update it with new patches. Moreover the AV should be updated and they must have MS AntiSpyware.

Once a computer meets these requirements then you can say that there could be the problem with the Internet provider. Even it did happen to me and I realized after going through same procedure.

So what I mean to say here is that today installation is not the only one step to be done. There are many thing to be done after doing an installation. Still today people doen't understand the software but they do understand the hardware because this is what they get when they pay for it. Their mind do not accept to pay for the softwares and services provided by support engineer.

Anyway, a home user must have these to make his/her computer fine

--- WinXP with SP2 Installed on it
--- An AV with latest updates
--- Any Anti Spyware i.e. MS Anti Spyware with updates

Now the next step is both Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware should be scheduled to thorouhgly scan the computer atleast once in a week or daily depedning on the use of computer.

So a system has be in very good condition like a car otherwise you might end-up middle on the
way. We need motor mechanic as we can't fix the problem in our cars but we can check oil, water and gas before leaving the office or meeting, so in a same way we should have enough knowledge to keep updated the Anti Spyware and Virus and Web surfing Knowledge.

I guess its enouhg for today.


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