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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More on ISA2004

After a very long time I’m back on my track, as I’m busy here in establishing my business and some projects. This is really very good experience when you start your business. In short I was very busy for the last 6-8 weeks and I’ve given enough time on ISA2004.ISA2004 is an application aware firewall or I better say more than a firewall. I don’t only blocks and forward the port; it gives you the control of each and every application. It gives full control to the network administrators. It is almost impossible to bypass ISA2004 security if you have implemented on your LAN. It is the best of the best product I’ve ever worked. It does block everything. Here you feel confidence and get relax that no user on your LAN can misuse the network and internet.

As far as security is concerned you can have many networks in just one firewall. You need to add only network adapters and that’s it. You can have multiple networks and each and every network can be isolated easily. More over you can implement the policies on each and every network address pool, it depends how you have done the sub-netting. Even no one can guess that you are running ISA2004 server at the backend.

ISA2004 blocks all peer-to-peer applications intelligently if even these applications (kazaa, morpheus uses port 80) try to bypass the firewall.

The only thing which is not available in ISA2004 is bandwidth controlling. This is the only thing which is lacking in this product otherwise this best product to suit any kind of network if they are looking for security or caching.

I’ve tested this product on a network of 50 computers where we have every kind of users, from business users to computer geeks. ISA2004 has given very tough time to computer geeks because all the time they need full bandwidth pipe and they want to download whole internet on their PC.

During the implementation of this ISA2004 product I had few problems but I’m very
thankful to Thomas Shinder who helped me whenever I sent email to him.

I suggest you to go for ISA2004. Do not wait and get started. You’ll see what you
have never expected in any firewall. Soon I’ll put more stuff related to ISA200.


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