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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Culminis-- Microsoft Professionals' Community [MSPC]

Culminis-- Microsoft Professionals' Community [MSPC-KHI]
Date: 26-Feb-2005--
Time: 5:20-7:20 p.m.
Location: Kaybees Mohd. Ali Society Karachi. Pakistan
Speaker: Adnan Rafik
According to scheduled I've successfully arranged first meeting with expected MSPC members. It was really very tough for me to bring these IT people on one platform but now I'm very much satisfied that it did happen. I'm very much thankful to all the members (now) that they have come to the meeting and we got the chance to share our thoughts and how can we play our role to promote IT and awareness among other IT-Pros and Next-Gen IT-Pros.

Below is the AGENDA of the meeting.

1- Purpose of this meeting.
2- What is Culminis? and its benefit?
3- Six- Pillars of Culminis.
4- What is MSPC, why MSPC? Founders of MSPC?
5- Why Microsoft Centric?
6- What IT-Pros do need to have other than technical skills?

Topics were highlighted during discussion.

--- Comparison of local I.T. market and International (Dubai) market
--- Piracy issues and its affect on pay scale in 3rd world country.
--- Discussion on different MS products.
--- How and what do we need to upgrade our skills.
--- Promote seminars in colleges/universities/IT centers

End of the meeting

End of meeting was done with the collection of every user’s skills and expertise. User’s are advised to select a schedule according to their convenience to update the blog. Now all the IT-Pro who have attended this meeting now have become the members of 7layers. These users are now given the username and password to manage their area on this Blog. Below are the names of our team members

Team Memebers

Adnan Rafik [UG Leader]
Danish Sami [Senior Team Member]
Irfan ahmed [Team Member]
Muhammad Ameen [Team Member]
Fawad Khan [Team Member]
Mushahid Sharif [Team Member]
Musharraf khan [Team Member]

Once these users' have activated their membership you can view their profile and can send your queries directly to them.

Bringing IT Together !


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