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Friday, February 04, 2005

Building IT together

These days I’m busy in forming A Different IT Pro Community. This idea came into my mind few months back and now it is about be to be started. Actually I've been surfing on the Internet the Internet to find out some IT organization. So I found CULMINIS.

Being a part of this community you (IT Pro) can share your ideas with IT Pros and will get the chance to learn from industry expert. Moreover we have our network in Pakistan and UAE now so we will be organizing the workshop, technical discussion, career grooming guideline etc. We will cover both technical and managerial aspects in our discussions and meetings with you. As we are Microsoft-centric so we will have access to resources provided by Microsoft and will become the part of Microsoft communities.

The important thing is that you should have good skills and you should be confident to express your expertise. We have selection criteria to join this community. You can email us anytime to join our community i.e. MSPC. Microsoft Professional’s Community.

If you have the same ideas then do join us and expand IT together.


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