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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Messing Up with ISA2004 & ISA2000

Oh my GOD! Since i've arrived here I got loads of work. I planned to work on these products thorougly but after sometime. The day I arrived here I got some problem at my branhc office in ISA2000. There are 15 clients on the network using ISA ad the proxy server. My assitant engineer gave me the report that there is problem in speed and they can't block the files on the internet and downloading and all general problems.

Now I've implemnented ISA 2004 properly and it is running very smoothly. How I did it and how much time it took and complete scenario you'll find very soon. These days I'm really busy. I've to arrnage community get-together also here. Time is going very fast. I'm gonna update this blog very soon with more informative stuff.

Till then Enjoy !


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