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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

ISA 2004 Server ..Out of Box Solution

Well I've been thinking of this. And suddenly I found a link on the web. It sounds really good that this product is available as Hardware but providing Stateful Inspection rather than stateful filtering.

And definitely it'll work better than assembled PC because as we know that these kinds of products are benchmarked and thoroughly tested. I'm extracting some lines below from the article which I read on Microsoft's website.

“ Customers tell us they want more choice when it comes to how they secure their applications and networks. ISA Server 2004 allows customers to choose between hardware and software-based security solutions, depending on their needs and environment,"

Perera says. "We've already announced partnerships with a half-dozen hardware solutions providers to build appliances based on ISA Server, and all of them are expected to be available this year."

The HP ProLiant DL320 Firewall/VPN/Cache Server running ISA Server 2004 is one of these solutions. Built to help address network and perimeter security, it provides flexible multi-layer firewall, VPN and Web cache functionality. Tight integration with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 means customers can quickly improve network security and performance with a full-featured security package that is extremely affordable.

According to Perera, there is a large opportunity for hardware partners to extend the security features of ISA Server 2004 to appliances. Several worldwide partners have already announced such plans, including Celestix Networks, HP, Network Engines,
Pyramid Computer, RimApp Technologies and Wortmann AG.

Perera also notes that ISA Server 2004 was designed to be fully extensible, enabling Microsoft solution partners to build complementary add-ons and allowing customers to customize the platform for their needs.
This week, 10 partners announced supporting products to help customers implement their defense-in-depth strategies. They include Cloudmark (anti-spam); FilterLogix (Web filtering); Forum Systems, Inc. (Web services security); GFI Software Ltd. (content filtering and anti-virus); McAfee, Inc. (anti-virus and anti-spam); Panda (anti-virus), Rainfinity (load balancing and high availability), RSA Security Inc. (two-factor authentication); SurfControl plc. (Web filtering); and WebSpy Ltd. (monitoring and analysis) ".

If you need more info then visit the link below.


'' Gotta more work done on ISA2004. Seeya soon :) ''


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