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Friday, October 08, 2004

A visit to Duabi GITEX 2004

Like every year there are 2 GITEX in dubai. One is GITEX Shopper and other one is GITEX for ITPros. GITEX Shopper , I didn't enjoy so I'm not gonna write about it buit if you really want to good stuff at lower prices then this is the event.

GITEX for ITPros was really very very good. I attended last year's and this year. It was really very good.I've there to many companies and I found many good product related to security like firewalls, intrusion detection systems/prevention and so on. There I also got a product name Nitix, it is a self healing operatin system based on Linux.This eems to be a very good prodcut. I've seen the demo but I have not tested. I'll put the result after testing this product. For more info visit the website www.primajava.com

There I also got the chance to see the demonstration for fortinet firewall suit. It is one-end solution. They have put every thing in one box. It was very fast. They have fiorewall, Anti-virus, IDS/IPS, Content filtering etc. Each and everyting is there. You don't have to buy different prodcut to secure your network. I couldn't get the price but as a product it has got all the feature. www.fortinet.com

Then I also went to securecomputing (www.securecomputing.com) here they also have their firewall product but different then fortinet. They do proxy firewall while there is not proxy in fortinet firewall. Both of them have their valid answers why they do have proxy and why they don't.

Then about all other products there was hot topic was patch-management. Cisco professional were giving the presentation on patch-managment. TrendMicro also introduce this technology in its product too. There was another good product Bindview (bindview.com). They also have a vast variety of product, specially for Microsoft platform.

So what I observed there that things like laptop and PDAs are getting very cheaper and security is going be more and important topic. That day is very near when we all be connected every where and there will categorised internet security profesional. Someone will be giving the consultancy on handlheld devices security problem and some one will be offfering his services as Windows Security Analyst, unix Security engineer etc.

That is is very near...may be 2007.


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