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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tom Cruise [Collateral]

Tom Cruise [Collateral]
Wow watta movies it was! Amazing, superb, nice direction, good touch. The credit goes to the director the way he made the
Tom cruise to work in this movie. The visual effects were also very good. There was scene in the movie when Tom Cruise was in
the Cab and was going to kill is next target. The cameraman took the close up of tom cruise's face, his whole face capture the 75% of the screen. This effect was just like when we do the Zoom-in zoom-out functions in the Video Games. Tom Cruise style, the way he was dressed and the way he was running and acted was just like a very hi-tech video game released by Sony SP2 or Microsoft's Xbox.

Tom Cruise (my most fav. hero). Very changed role in this movie but mind didn't accept him as villain, even when he was shot dead I hoped that he will kill his target but end was really good and he died.(sorry if u havn't watched the movie). This was about a very professional killer of the near future but the whole movie was dark, seemed like 1990s.

A professional killer with most advanced tools like Tablet PC, everytime Wi-Fi, getting the targets list online one after another...nice even he had the acces to everywhere. His reflexes was very quick, sixth sense was very good. I must say it was such a nice movie and I'll watch this movie on next weekend too.

I suggest u to watch this movie.


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