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Friday, October 08, 2004

QRIO-------Sony's QRIO

Have you heard about Sony's QRIO, a word derived from CURIOSITY. Few days back here in Dubai I went to I.T. exhibition called GITEX. Actually there are every year two GITEX, one is GITEX Shopper and other is for IT Pros. I went to GITEX shooper and intilly it wasn't attractive to me because I didn't find any unusual thing over but when I reached to Sony's pavillion, it was great. What surprised me that two robot were dancing on a song.

It was un-believeable for a miment but as I.T. Geek I accepted this because it has to be done on one day and that was the day when I saw myself. Sony have done really a good job. Amazing. This innovation will give a new turn to the next genertion. The atmosphere is being created as we used to watch the movies that robot will do this and that and now it is happening when the robot is very near to you.

I couldn't get the price for those robots but it should be very expensive. Those robots even can stand itself if it is fall down. Those robots for state of the art. You can't say that there is something left in their designing. Each and every body part was moving like actual human's body.

I salute to Sony for this centuary's innovation.


Blogger Danish Sami said...

To be very honest it was not new. In our childhood we used to play with the toys like that which scroll, squeze or even run on the surface or even sing a song. And providing speech recognition and performing action based upon the instructions define is not a big thing.

This could have been a real fun, if QRIO learns at the spot by interacting with humans or other systems.

In the end, it was a good startup but we can't called it an amazing invention.


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