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Friday, October 08, 2004

An Eye on Microsoft [Part 1]

Why most of the company's are having problems with Microsoft?Some says it has copied .Net from JavaSome says Windows is copied from MacintoshSome says I.E. is copy of Netscape Navigator(obselete)and also the commnents like Windows is not stronger as compared to Unix and LinuxMS SQL server is not as good as compared to Oracle or other databasesWin XP is too much vulnerable etc... and If I have to write on each and every prodcut then I may need a whole week to think over it and find the points like this against Microsoft.

I have only one question Before Bill Gates started working on Microsoft, there were already IBM, Macintosh, Unix and other companies were in the market and they were having good business. For them Bill gates was just a kid or a youth in that field by that time. He worked hard and learnt from other's experience and given a new shape to this new technology with more user firendly interface to his prodcuts (Win98 millions of copies were sold in a week).

So where were those I.T. Guru or CEO or President, why they didn't have this idea? If they had this idea the why didn't they implement? Now they claim to Microsoft!

So the thing is that He (Bill Gates) made the right decision at the right time and still he is doing the same. Now he is having a teams of more than 50,000 I.T. Pros around the world.
So he got the idea in his mind and he found the weaknesses in others product and started making his own. Now today every single computer is loaded with windows whether Win98 or XP or Windows 2000. So his opppnent are always trying to kneel him down and trying their best to file as much as case they can. Everyday they try to find some thing against Microsoft and this
war will keep going on because it is a Business War. Microsoft has taking a large part of software market and now targeting the Server End too.

Microsoft will be producing a different number of Servers and again there will be many issues like we hear every day and I'm sure Microsoft will take a significant part the Server End market too. Microsoft upgrade and enhance its prodcuts from the experience of his users (desktop users, business pros or I.T. pros). Microsoft's business strategy is very sound and and even after the Dotcom downfall Microsoft's had increased his number of offices and employee's and spreding too fast. As technogy is changing very fast and the thing which were supposed to be
happen in 2010 are exitst today in 2004. So the the way the technogly is upgrading Microsoft knows it and keeping the same pace or higher than that.

Yes I agree that there are many thing where Microsoft's products are not good enough but evry time they are improving and very soon will be having the best of the best.

May be you'll agree with my opinion or not but this is what I observed Microsoft since 1997.
So if you have any opinion then put your comments are.........


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