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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Backup strategy for small offices

If you are having or maintaining an office of 5 computers on the network then your management will always be looking for a cost-effective solution. In order to suggest a better solution you must know what the things that management wants to backup are.

According to my experience they want back of their

All Emails accounts (all emails and contact lists)
All their documents (word, excel, power point and access files)
Internet Favorites

So for this small kind of network I don’t think so that this small office would afford the Tape Drives to backup their data or DAT drives. (of course expensive). Most probably you must be having a Domain Controller on this network. If not then must be a Member server. So in this scenario share one volume as the backup volume for all the data which is on the network. If you want to make it safer then write the data on CD or DVD.

So in any worst case if you have regular backup of the above mentioned then you can recover the system easily.

As far as Desktop settings and programs are concerned you may have to re-install if you have not taken the Image of your operating system. I'm sure it will help you.


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