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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Highlights of .Net Foundry's 3rd meeting of the month


Below are some of the points we discussed in last meeting.

Achievements discussed what we have achieved in last 6 months.
What we planned in the month of May 2004 we achieved in Oct 2004.
7Layers and .NetFoundry have just started live support for WinXP, Network Security, Network management and SQL server. Free of charges.
Both 7Layers and .NetFoundry are trying to build better and stronger I.T. communities so the users/customers won’t have any problem while running their Desktop (WinXP) or Corporate level applications.
Both 7Layers and .NetFoundry working together for a better future.

Backup strategy for small offices

If you are having or maintaining an office of 5 computers on the network then your management will always be looking for a cost-effective solution. In order to suggest a better solution you must know what the things that management wants to backup are.

According to my experience they want back of their

All Emails accounts (all emails and contact lists)
All their documents (word, excel, power point and access files)
Internet Favorites

So for this small kind of network I don’t think so that this small office would afford the Tape Drives to backup their data or DAT drives. (of course expensive). Most probably you must be having a Domain Controller on this network. If not then must be a Member server. So in this scenario share one volume as the backup volume for all the data which is on the network. If you want to make it safer then write the data on CD or DVD.

So in any worst case if you have regular backup of the above mentioned then you can recover the system easily.

As far as Desktop settings and programs are concerned you may have to re-install if you have not taken the Image of your operating system. I'm sure it will help you.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Beware of Dogs! [Adware and Spyware]

Today I was in my friend’s office and we were using the Internet. We normally access the Internet and have never seen any kind of ambiguity while accessing the Internet. Last week I had downloaded the XP service pack 2 and installed on both out machines. Also the network is protecting with the Cisco PIX Firewall. So I was very sure that my PC is now secure because I’m also using SP2 built-in firewall.

If you read my last week blog in which I’ve asked question to one of Microsoft’s security guru and he said that XP firewall can’t scan the outgoing packet if any Spyware or Adware is already installed into the computer. But XP firewall shall scan the incoming packets.

So today in the morning we just got in our mind to check whether we have Spy and Adware. He scanned and he found many in his notebook. Also I used two Spy and Adwares. First I used ‘AdwareSafe’. It has found ‘KeenValue.Updater’ Adware. And it has also found many tracking cookies like atdmt.com, doubleclick.net and msn.com. I don’t know about these cookies and how much riskier are these. One Hijacker object was also found which was un-recognized.

KeenValue KeenValue.Updater Description:

KeenValue.Updater is an updater for eUniverse's products, such as KeenValue, IncrediFind and PerfectNav. KeenValue.Updater runs in the background, connects to update.thunderdownloads.com ( looking for updates.


Then I’ve used another trial version ‘Adware Spy’. It has found PopupDefence Hijacker[a trojan]and Konitiki.

So what I get is that I should not rely only on Firewalls. I should have to have Adware and Spyware so I can block the cookies and ads. Spyware and Adware are really very important to secure your computer.

Both the above software I tried is the trial versions and I could not get the full function but I got rid of spyware and adware. So I’ll be keep checking the more Spyware and Adware to keep secure my notebook.

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed here.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

.Net[DotNet]Foundry's First Official Meeting

Day before yesterday, 21st of OCT 2004 we (I and Danish Sami) were having our very first official meeting of INETA under NetFoundry. It was really a good discussion and we came across many good questios. We planned how can we progress faster and faster and build up a good community. In that meeting my area was about Windows Security, I better say WinXP security where I have higlighted the features of XP SP2. There was a question where I couldn't convince him, but today in the morning I emailed to one of Microsoft's MVP and got the answer. Here is the reply of my email.

adnanrafik@yahoo.com wrote:>
Mail from MVP Jubo Security Blog:> > Sender: Adnan Rafik> Email: adnanrafik@yahoo.com>
IP Address: x.x.x.x>
I was doing discussion with one of my very good friend and he asked me a question about XP SP2 built-in firewall.> If we enable the firewall it'll do the port filtering and block the pop-up and un-wanted application. But shall is scans the packet which are open. Let say if msn port 1863 is open to communicate on the Internet then anyuser can send the malicious code through that port. So how this firewall gonna protect me on opened ports.

> > Regards> Adnan Rafik>


Hello Adnan,
The Windows firewall in SP2 will not block any popups. The firewall only blocks unwanted/malicious data from the outside/the Internet. It will not check for any outgoing data from maicious software that are already installed on the computer.

Here are some very good websites that give you more information aboutSP2 and Windows firewall:"Windows XP Service Pack 2"http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sp2/default.mspx
"Understanding Windows Firewall"http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/security/internet/sp2_wfintro.mspx
The firewall is sufficient for most 'home users' but if you want a firewall that checks for outgoing data too then I'd suggest you take a look at ZoneAlarm:http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/home.jspand/or Sygate:http://www.sygate.com/

There are other firewalls out there but these two are the most well known firewalls and you can configure them as you wish.
Greetigns from Holland.. Jurren
-- Jurren Bouman

Friday, October 08, 2004

A visit to Duabi GITEX 2004

Like every year there are 2 GITEX in dubai. One is GITEX Shopper and other one is GITEX for ITPros. GITEX Shopper , I didn't enjoy so I'm not gonna write about it buit if you really want to good stuff at lower prices then this is the event.

GITEX for ITPros was really very very good. I attended last year's and this year. It was really very good.I've there to many companies and I found many good product related to security like firewalls, intrusion detection systems/prevention and so on. There I also got a product name Nitix, it is a self healing operatin system based on Linux.This eems to be a very good prodcut. I've seen the demo but I have not tested. I'll put the result after testing this product. For more info visit the website www.primajava.com

There I also got the chance to see the demonstration for fortinet firewall suit. It is one-end solution. They have put every thing in one box. It was very fast. They have fiorewall, Anti-virus, IDS/IPS, Content filtering etc. Each and everyting is there. You don't have to buy different prodcut to secure your network. I couldn't get the price but as a product it has got all the feature. www.fortinet.com

Then I also went to securecomputing (www.securecomputing.com) here they also have their firewall product but different then fortinet. They do proxy firewall while there is not proxy in fortinet firewall. Both of them have their valid answers why they do have proxy and why they don't.

Then about all other products there was hot topic was patch-management. Cisco professional were giving the presentation on patch-managment. TrendMicro also introduce this technology in its product too. There was another good product Bindview (bindview.com). They also have a vast variety of product, specially for Microsoft platform.

So what I observed there that things like laptop and PDAs are getting very cheaper and security is going be more and important topic. That day is very near when we all be connected every where and there will categorised internet security profesional. Someone will be giving the consultancy on handlheld devices security problem and some one will be offfering his services as Windows Security Analyst, unix Security engineer etc.

That is is very near...may be 2007.

QRIO-------Sony's QRIO

Have you heard about Sony's QRIO, a word derived from CURIOSITY. Few days back here in Dubai I went to I.T. exhibition called GITEX. Actually there are every year two GITEX, one is GITEX Shopper and other is for IT Pros. I went to GITEX shooper and intilly it wasn't attractive to me because I didn't find any unusual thing over but when I reached to Sony's pavillion, it was great. What surprised me that two robot were dancing on a song.

It was un-believeable for a miment but as I.T. Geek I accepted this because it has to be done on one day and that was the day when I saw myself. Sony have done really a good job. Amazing. This innovation will give a new turn to the next genertion. The atmosphere is being created as we used to watch the movies that robot will do this and that and now it is happening when the robot is very near to you.

I couldn't get the price for those robots but it should be very expensive. Those robots even can stand itself if it is fall down. Those robots for state of the art. You can't say that there is something left in their designing. Each and every body part was moving like actual human's body.

I salute to Sony for this centuary's innovation.

An Eye on Microsoft [Part 1]

Why most of the company's are having problems with Microsoft?Some says it has copied .Net from JavaSome says Windows is copied from MacintoshSome says I.E. is copy of Netscape Navigator(obselete)and also the commnents like Windows is not stronger as compared to Unix and LinuxMS SQL server is not as good as compared to Oracle or other databasesWin XP is too much vulnerable etc... and If I have to write on each and every prodcut then I may need a whole week to think over it and find the points like this against Microsoft.

I have only one question Before Bill Gates started working on Microsoft, there were already IBM, Macintosh, Unix and other companies were in the market and they were having good business. For them Bill gates was just a kid or a youth in that field by that time. He worked hard and learnt from other's experience and given a new shape to this new technology with more user firendly interface to his prodcuts (Win98 millions of copies were sold in a week).

So where were those I.T. Guru or CEO or President, why they didn't have this idea? If they had this idea the why didn't they implement? Now they claim to Microsoft!

So the thing is that He (Bill Gates) made the right decision at the right time and still he is doing the same. Now he is having a teams of more than 50,000 I.T. Pros around the world.
So he got the idea in his mind and he found the weaknesses in others product and started making his own. Now today every single computer is loaded with windows whether Win98 or XP or Windows 2000. So his opppnent are always trying to kneel him down and trying their best to file as much as case they can. Everyday they try to find some thing against Microsoft and this
war will keep going on because it is a Business War. Microsoft has taking a large part of software market and now targeting the Server End too.

Microsoft will be producing a different number of Servers and again there will be many issues like we hear every day and I'm sure Microsoft will take a significant part the Server End market too. Microsoft upgrade and enhance its prodcuts from the experience of his users (desktop users, business pros or I.T. pros). Microsoft's business strategy is very sound and and even after the Dotcom downfall Microsoft's had increased his number of offices and employee's and spreding too fast. As technogy is changing very fast and the thing which were supposed to be
happen in 2010 are exitst today in 2004. So the the way the technogly is upgrading Microsoft knows it and keeping the same pace or higher than that.

Yes I agree that there are many thing where Microsoft's products are not good enough but evry time they are improving and very soon will be having the best of the best.

May be you'll agree with my opinion or not but this is what I observed Microsoft since 1997.
So if you have any opinion then put your comments are.........

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tom Cruise [Collateral]

Tom Cruise [Collateral]
Wow watta movies it was! Amazing, superb, nice direction, good touch. The credit goes to the director the way he made the
Tom cruise to work in this movie. The visual effects were also very good. There was scene in the movie when Tom Cruise was in
the Cab and was going to kill is next target. The cameraman took the close up of tom cruise's face, his whole face capture the 75% of the screen. This effect was just like when we do the Zoom-in zoom-out functions in the Video Games. Tom Cruise style, the way he was dressed and the way he was running and acted was just like a very hi-tech video game released by Sony SP2 or Microsoft's Xbox.

Tom Cruise (my most fav. hero). Very changed role in this movie but mind didn't accept him as villain, even when he was shot dead I hoped that he will kill his target but end was really good and he died.(sorry if u havn't watched the movie). This was about a very professional killer of the near future but the whole movie was dark, seemed like 1990s.

A professional killer with most advanced tools like Tablet PC, everytime Wi-Fi, getting the targets list online one after another...nice even he had the acces to everywhere. His reflexes was very quick, sixth sense was very good. I must say it was such a nice movie and I'll watch this movie on next weekend too.

I suggest u to watch this movie.