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Saturday, September 25, 2004

TechNet Script Center Sample Scripts

My last visit on Microsoft's Technet website few days back and I found there really good stuff. I'm still going throug the scripts and I found all the scripts (check upto now) working properly without causing any problem in the system.

These scripts are really helpfull to the system administration. Most of the scripts includes system's informaion reterieval. When I was testing I.E. script , all the scripts are really good but I could only get the information like ,'what is the proxy server used by the I.E.', 'What is the zone for I.E. secured or un-secure' etc. I didn't find any scripts if I've to modifiy the I.E. settign by using any of these scipts.

I'm about to send the email to Script Center people, as soon as I get the reply I'm gonna put it on my Blog.

You must also get experienced with these scripts.

URL to visit is ...




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