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Friday, September 17, 2004

Lack of Information (visit was unpaid)

Few days back there was call from one of the Internet Cafe owner. He called me with my friend's reference and told me that
he's got some sevior problme in his network and wants me to visit ASAP.
So I had to visit there but on the phone I told him for the visiting charges.
Then I went there on next and I found total 15 computers there out of which 12 were running Win98 and 3 were running WinXp.
The problem he was experiencing was that network normally was down everyday after 3p.m till 7 p.m. and some time in the late
night too.
He was really uopset becase customer were complaining in front of me. He told me that someone is trying to hacking his
network :) .
He said me to monitor and try to check it out whether ist being hacked or not !
He Also said that he will laydown the new network cable to get ridd of this problem (amazing idea).
I was there for around 1 hr and just looking at the problem on his WinXp and Win98 machine. And found the same thing what I
had doubt about. Win98 was having Illegal Operations etc.. and WinXp without patches ...You Know.
I just swithced off his 3 computer (running XP) and after few minutes it started working properly. I told him don't switch on the computer and WinXp has to be patched or install Win98. He said he'll test for another 24 hrs.

Just because of lack of information he was re-installing the network cable and thinking about hacking on his Internet Cafe ...amazing.

Since then there is no call from him, because he has to pay.
You will may people like this. What do to do with them.


Blogger Danish Sami said...

Well its not like that, instead of providing the on-the-spot troubleshooting, you should have to tell him that this can only be done after we settle down the charges.

People who sometimes looks clumsy with their gestures are very smart. The person was trying to figure out about the real problem by taking advantage of your expertise and you were telling him the solution. Think who was smart???

Try to work onto this again and check what needed to be done whenever such situation encounter.

A sincere suggestion.


-Danish Sami, et.al.

4:09 PM  

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