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Monday, August 16, 2004

Network Management

Network Management, the most interesting part for me. Specially when you are having the task to manage an enterprise network where you have Webservers, Databases, File servers, and clients running common application on their desktop. So if you are going to implement a new infrastructure then you can have an ideal setup but on the other side in an existing network you may have to face many difficulties.

The most common question ever asked is 'How much', means how much is gonna cost me (your client). What is the advantage of having this and doing this. Why shoul I pay this much and what is the return on this. People sometimes ask ridiculous questions but you have to convince them. There are two important factors 1.How strong is your background in I.T.?2.Do you have the skills to convince others?

If you both of these qualities then you are the successful I.T. professional otherwise you'll lack something in your professional life.

In my next post of the Network Management I'll put articles on Proper Network Managment whether it is a corporate LAN or Data Center or a Small office network. Different network have different policies, different strategies and different priorities. I'll try my best to give you a clear picture about it.

Your comments and suggestion are welcomed.

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