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Monday, August 16, 2004

Focus on Security

The purpose of having this web presence is to share my real life experience with you (ITpeople). As I'm moving more towards the Security side so I'll try my best to put the actual scenario and daily life problem (professional ofcourse :). All my discussion will be related to Microsoft's products but you have the liberty to add irrespective of any vendor.

Today networks are laid down, systems are implemented and Internet is going to be the part of everyone's life. Now the requirement is for smooth network connectivity, virus-free network, ease of management etc. One should not do the experience but should learn from other's experience.

Here you can access to the Techtalks which I normally have with Microst's representative. It doesn't mean that I'm a Tech reporter, the thing is that I never miss the chance to attend the workshops and seminars organized by them.

I'd like to suggest some book which are not related with security or networking but these boks will give you a better idea about howto top fortune companies made the success stories.Management is very important part whether related to life or with our work. One should know howto to manage all things together. I'm not telling you to read the books on politics or about any sports but do read books on management and on numbers. To get more details on numbers and how does it work read Robert T. Kiyosaki's book.

After reading these few books I got a very clear picture about career and howto proceed. These are very famous books by Industry leaders. 'The Road Ahead' & 'Business@ the speed of thought' both written by 'Bill Gates'. & 'What Management IS' by Joan Magretta. 'Rich Dad and Poor Dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Here are some useful links
SecurityFocus, Microsoft Security, CERT, Astalavista, Very good security stuff

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