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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Website

Dear visitor, I'm working on a User Group website and not getting time to publish the post on this weblog. For the latest updates I'd like you to visit our user group website http://www.TechiesOnly.com. I'll be publishing my new blog there.

Thank You.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Prerequisites for SBS 2003 SP1

Few days back I was having problem while updating service PAck for SBS 2003 Server. I've ben trying directly to update the SP but I following to be done before applying SP. I'm running Exchange server so I need to put the SP for Exchange too. So it will definitely save your time.

Windows 2003 Server SP1
MS Exchange 2003 SP1
SBS 2003 SP1

Monday, August 14, 2006

SBS2003- Having problem in outgoing fax.

Well its been very horrific for couple of day for me. Last week I started using the FAX services on SBS 2003 server. At first time with default installation I could easily send and receive the fax but I did some changes in the RULES.

After that I couldn't send the fax while I've been receiving the faxes normally. Whenever I tried sending the fax there was an error

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Microsoft Fax
Event Category: Outbound
Event ID: 32028
Date: 8/8/2006
Time: 11:29:33 AM
User: N/A
Computer: GATEWAY

An error was encountered while sending a fax. The service will attempt to resend the fax. If further transmissions fail, please verify that the phone line, fax sending device, and fax receiving device are working properly.

I tried fixing it nmany wat but all the time it was failure but I kept on trying and fianlly I got the answer and mind mind never went on that side. As I've been receiving the fax then it should send the fax. Sp what could be the problem.

Software or Hardware?

If Software then what it could be? Is it Service Packs, Patches, Security updates or something else?

If Hardware then either the Modem is malfunctioning or the modem driver problem or modem is not supported.

But the same modem was working at the very first time.

So I uninstalled the modem and re-loaded the modem driver.

How simple is it? Isn't it

It took more than 20 hrs to fix this issue.

So cheer uo now :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Desktop Management-- Never Format the PC

Never format the PC ! Make sure you are more than 100% sure about data.

I faced the porblems when I format the PC, mt client said. Go Ahead and I did but next day he was awake and asking for some lost file.

It was worst time for me, even it was not my mistake but I had to recover the data and it took too much time to recover it.

Now a days I don't prefer to format the PC until and unless there is a serious problem. I prefer to do the new installation on the same parition with a different Windows directory which really safe end of the day.

Most of the time what happens these people don't keep the software CD, they don't keep the additional hardware CDs and expect that the I.T guy should be having all the stuff, this quite annotying to me.

Anyway, this how we learn to face the situtations.

So do your home work first and never format the PC.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Windows 2000 Server and Remote Desktop

A couple weeks back we are facing a problem. This problem become a headache to us. Actucally one of our clients wanted to print locally while workiing on the remote server. It was Windows 2000 server and the client station was Win XP Pro. We did the remote desktop easily but we couldn't print, but when you really want to do achieve this then you do your best and this what my colleague did. He has been working on it and fianll he got the technical article from Microsoft website.

Actually we had to conenc the the Printer on the LPT port and with the proper driver. That's it.

Cheers guy. Put your story here.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

End of support for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1

End of support for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1. Yes it is true.

And I'm happy for this decision from Microsoft, atleast IT PRo won't waste too much time to install tha troubleshoot these legacy system. It is very difficult that your client is using Win98 or WIN Me while you are using WinXP SP2 at your working environment. An IT Pro has to do extra efforts in order to support his/her client.

Only those companies who are from 2-5 users or desktops and don't use computer as a basic need for their business. So they follow the simple rule to get rid off the problem in Win98, Format and Re-install.

Most of the medium size businesses using WinXP Pro and they do update their PC atleat in 5 years so for them there is no problem.

so how do you feel about this decision from Mirosoft or I better call from Bill Gates. for more info clieck here.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IE 7.0 Beta problems !

I had been trying to renew my Action Pack susbcription for Micrsoft product last day using I.E. 7.0 but I could not. There was a message that this browser can't support. There were two option either to conhtinue or not.

I continued but there was problem and I had to use another PC to did that. Anyway it was a new experience.

If you may find this kinds stuff share with us.